One of the 4 core parts of a self Driving Car Software stack is Planning. And RNDF or Route Network Definition File is the first thing PLANNING uses.

An RNDF is a tab-delimited ASCII file. It basically defines the Roadsegments and Zones.

The typical format of an RNDF file looks like the following.

RNDF_name filename (string)

num_segments number_of_segments (integer>0)

num_zones number_of_zones (integer≥ 0)

format_version format_version (string)

creation_date creation_date (string)

<segment 1>



<segment M>

<zone M+1>



<zone M+N>


Just looking at the format, we can clearly see that the RNDF file contains details about segments and…

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As of today, I own Tesla stock and options. So whatever you read here can be biased based on my position.

Honestly speaking, I own Tesla stock not because of the business. I still don't think, it is a sustainable business. So observing the business vs stock price comparison is real entertainment for me every day. On top of it, I see so many amusing statements from people like Cathy Wood from ARK investment about the future of Tesla. But She fails to say why.

So before talking about the future I will go back to Tesla’s earning statement from…

Integer Type

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So you are ready to write embedded code for a self-driving car like WAYMO or a smart thermostat like Nest. You want to write a code that will go to a specific processor to analyze certain sensor data to make decisions like make a right turn or turn on the heat.

Let's sit back, and think a little deep. Let's break down the problem. Let's only focus on one particular part of the problem.

As an example, I am going to only talk about a single problem that will process the current location of self-driving vehicle which in…

No-Code iOS & Android App Development with Appgyver — Part 1

Setting Up Firebase

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Appgyver provides a user- friendly no-code app development platform. I personally used to create apps for ios and android as well as web apps.

One of the Very basic functionalities of any app development is to able to store data from your user end to your back end. And also you can bring back data from your backend to your app to display to the user.

So you need an backend storage which will store the data and your app should be able to post as well as get data from that storage.

Firebase is the provider…

I am not a parent yet. But I do know some bits and bytes of parenting. My information can be flawed but I think I have seen the different spectrums of growing up. And my subjects of comparison is myself and a couple of my very close persons whose life I have analyzed and came up with the following points:

  1. Always Answer Their Question:
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Kids ask different types of questions. In our busy and stressful life, we sometimes feel like not answering them or in our mind might think like these are stupid questions. But if you feel that, take…

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